ArroWatch - Application 

ArroWatch Advanced Application 

The ArroWatch application is one of the most advanced Internet application which handles all aspects of logistics and real time monitoring utilizing the highest secured mechanism. 


  • Power Supply status

  • Unit Set Point temperature indication

  • Supply Temperature

  • Return Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Temperature Threshold Alerts


  • GPS Location and Speed

  • Geozone Definition

  • Route Deviation Alerts

  • Door Sensor

Remote Control

  • Remote demand information from Reefer

  • Two-way communication

  • Real-time reports

  • Technician control handling



ArroTrack Device

The ArrowTrack Device for Reefer contains a significant expertise and R&D knowledge with years of experience  providing the feasibility to deal with all aspects of Reefers technology and logistics.


The ArrowTrack device is qualified by Carrier Transicold and FCC & CE Certification.


Some of the features are:  

  • Communication

    • Contains Quad band GSM/GPRS capability with active built in GPS antenna and integrate GPRS antenna. Coverage with most inland area and also near the coasts.

    • Option for a marine satellite communication

  • Data

    • All data is stored internally in the memory logger and transmitted  whenever there is communication.

    • In regular mode messages are transmitted every hour.

  • Battery (rechargeable)

    • A strong and safe back up battery which allow operation when “power off” for more than 24 hours in full mode and for up to 3 months in a save mode when Reefer is empty.

    • Power Consumption

    • Regular: 30-50mA, Max avg: 70-100mA

    • Standby: Modem on < 0.5mA Modem off only CPU < 2mA

    • Sleeping mode: < 0.5mA



Door Sensor

Door sensor is controlled with the ArrowTrack device through RF technology.

The ArrowTrack  has the capability to control all types of sensors such as cargo sensor or radiation sensor.

The Door Sensor is qualified by Carrier Transicold and FCC & CE Certification.

Control Center

24/7 Help Desk

The Control Center gives 24/7 first line support to manage all events world wide.

As part of the service there is an email, SMS & phone (per escalation) notification to relevant people and monitoring during the event.​

System Alerts Include:

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Humidity monitoring

  • Power on/off alerts

  • Unauthorized door opening alerts

  • GPS monitoring (route deviations)

  • Controller Alarms 

Monitoring Room