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ArrowTrack DV


ArrowTrack DV is a state of the art robust moving and stationary assets tracker designed to work in extremely harsh marine and terrestrial environments.   

The device is equipped with GPS, Impact sensor & door opening sensor indicating the asset’s location and detecting motion of container, door opening and significant impact (hit) to container.  

The Arrowtrack DV has cellular and BTE Bi-Directional communication options to receive and transmit data to the desired application\ platform.


Bi-directional communication enables ArrowSpot to reconfigure the firmware, to update software versions, and to receive data from external sensors and transmit it to client.

Data is collected, analyzed and presented on ArrowWatch designated or client’s application according to client’s preference. 

The device uses military grade batteries for energy, designed to work +8 years independently of external power source of any type.  

ArrowTrack DV

Brochure / Data sheet

Sense, Track, Trace, Control, Any Asset, Anywhere on the Globe 

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