The Market Need for Reefers Online Management Services

The accelerated growth of global demand for pharmaceutical, medical and food products industries is driving the need for online management services. While transporting any products over long distances is an extremely difficult logistical task, temperature-sensitive high value products substantially increase its complexity since they require maintaining strictly controlled environments within the reefers. To ensure that such expensive cargo does not become damaged during long distance transportation, businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries are increasingly relying on reefers online management systems. 

New York Sea Port

Cold Chain Needs

Securing the quality of the cold chain is critical for shippers, receivers and logistics service providers

  • Drugs & Perishable goods require the maintenance of a reliable temperature regime throughout their intercontinental journeys and transport by sea or road must be closely monitored and controlled

  • Regulatory Requirements (EMEA, MHRA, FDA, USP):

  • GDP- Good Distribution Practice

Security needs

  • Container screening systems rely on manual devices that results in significant delays and errors

  • Visual inspection at strategic check points only, no end-to-end security data

  • No information integrity

  • Upcoming requirements for electronics intrusion detection

Logistic Needs

The supply chain does not involve just one company but rather a  large number of handoffs and complex interactions between them:

  • Cargo owner

  • Shipping line

  • Ports

  • Marine vessels

  • Railways, Tracks, Etc…

  • International lines with different laws regarding transport liability​

Prescription Drugs



ArrowSpot services include the following features:

  • A 24/7 call center utilizing a CRM system

  • A simple, user-friendly online web application

  • Receipt of reefer controller data online

  • Alerts on reefer/container deviation from predefined itinerary and unexpected events such as a door opening at a point other than the origin or destination

  • Sending notification via SMS or email upon receiving an alert

  • Over-the-air configuration of the reefer controller

  • Full tracing of the reefer’s route

  • Predefined reports for logistical & operational analysis


 How does it work?

  • ArrowTrack unit is connects easily to reefer’s controller: ten minutes installation time

  • Uses cellular technology on land and ports

  • Uses satellite technology at sea (as per customer requirement)

  • Uses Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

  • Door sensor

  • Strong back up battery used for keeping data continuously

  • Data from Controller & ArrowTrack transmitted automatically every hour (in regular mode)

  • All data transmit to ArroWatch management system

  • Secure internet access worldwide

  • Stores historical data

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