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ArrowTrack reefer

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ArrowTrack reefer is a permanent reefer tracker, designed to work in the harsh conditions of reefers’ journey over seas and lands.

It is a reliable device, designed to answer cold supply chains needs, to prevent damage to expensive cargo that needs monitored conditions when on its journey from factory to its final destination.

The device is connected directly to the reefer controller, monitors  continuously set of defined parameters, and configured to send routine reports along the trip when reefer conditions are stable, and alerts when deviation from pre-defined range of parameters is identified.

The device has GPS to track its location, and it uses cellular and BT modules for communication. 

ArrowTrack reefer devices along with Arrow Watch application and the 24\7 control center constitute Arrow Spot's End-to-End solution.

ArrowTrack reefer

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Sense, Track, Trace, Control, Any Asset, Anywhere on the Globe 

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