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ArrowTrack SAT


ArrowTrack SAT* is a hybrid device combines Cellular, LoRA, BT5 and Satellite communications to provide real global coverage.

The ArrowTrack SAT is designed to withstand harsh maritime and terrestrial working environments.

It is equipped with GPS, Impact sensor & door opening sensor indicating the asset’s location, when it is in motion, if the door was opened and if it was hit. The device can also serve for the purpose of receiving data from external sensors and transmit it to the application. 

The ArrowTrack SAT has Bi-Directional communication options to receive and transmit data to the desired application\ platform, the device can be reconfigured and updated remotely.

Data is collected, analyzed and presented on ArrowWatch designated or client’s application according client’s preference.

* The SAT communication is provided by Astrocat

ArrowTrack SAT

Brochure / data sheet

Sense, Track, Trace, Control, Any Asset, Anywhere on the Globe 

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