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Protected Cold treatment

Protected Cold treatment

ArrowSpot’s Protected Cold Treatment is a patented smart solution that ensures the completion of the cold treatment process required by authorities successfully, by maintaining the cargo’s temperature within the protocol’s permissible limits.

Cold treatment is a process used to disinfect and protect fruits from pests while in transit.

Countries require that agricultural produce, especially citrus fruits, undergo a verified CT process in order to past customs. Cold Treatment protocols vary depending on the country and the type of produce.

ArrowSpot’s Protected Cold Treatment  continuously monitors the temperature of the cargo and based on smart algorithm Automatically changes the reefer’s set point to maintain the cargo’s temperature within the relevant protocol permissible limits to ensure it safety with no intervention.

Information is presented on dashboard for management control.

Since its launching in 2017, ArrowSpot’s Active Cold Treatment solution monitored +7000 cargos and brought them all to destination successfully. 

Protected Cold Treatment

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