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Teva Pharmaceuticals: Learn more about Teva Pharmaceuticals success story with ZIMonitor service



Teva Pharmaceuticals

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is the world’s largest producer of generic pharmaceuticals. It is of vital importance that all Teva medications arrive at destinations around the globe in pristine condition. Working closely with Teva, ZIM developed ZIMonitor, a program that combines advanced, ongoing monitoring with personal 24/7 support in order to prevent mistakes, cut costs, and ensure safety and quality.

The Challenge

With 87 production plants that ship to more than a hundred markets around the world, it is essential that Teva’s shipping process is reliably shipshape. Integrity, quality, and safety are Teva’s watchwords, and that means first-rate products stored in first-class conditions. In order to stay safe and effective, medications demand very specific storage temperatures, which can range from -70° to 25°C. These specific temperatures need to be maintained as containers travel around the world through multiple ports, switching from ships to trucks to trains to warehouses, and finally to store shelves.

The Solution

ZIM and Teva worked hand-in-hand to develop the innovative ZIMonitor. This exclusive system combines advanced monitoring technology with real-time alerts and a human support network that is on-call 24/7. If a door is ajar, a container is left unplugged, or there’s an unexplained change in temperature, the customer is notified immediately. They can contact the call center around the clock, and ZIM’s team will spring into action to rectify the issue.

The Results

Since its implementation, the new ZIMonitor system has proven itself time and time again. We were able to reduce the risk to Teva’s products so reliably, that even the company’s insurance provider took note. While their competitors would regularly find themselves with refrigerated containers that had been unplugged for hours at a time, Teva’s average unplugged time was cut down to just 20-30 minutes. Even on Christmas Day, in a huge New York City terminal, when everyone had gone home to celebrate, ZIMonitor and the ZIM support team were on the job. The moment Teva realized that a container was unplugged, we were able to contact our representatives on the ground, who quickly rectified the problem.

Over time, ZIMonitor has translated into huge financial savings, as well as invaluable peace of mind for Teva and their customers. For Teva, ZIMonitor is more than a money-saver; it’s a major step forward for the entire pharmaceutical industry. 

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